Battery type to be used for a robot

Hello !
Please clarify , if we can use a sealed rechargable lead battery of 6V-5Ah for our robots functioning ?

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Hi Arnav,

It is difficult for us to decide from only information “a sealed rechargeable lead battery of 6V-5Ah”. Could you please give us more detailed information as below?:

  1. Supplier
  2. Model name or number
  3. How do you use it? Why do you need it?
  4. All your measures to use it safely
  5. Are there any means to get it near the venue when you can not take it out from your region?
  6. Please attaching photos which we can see how it is built-in

As soon as after getting detailed information from you, we will have a discussion within OnStage TC/OC and then decide.

Thank You for you response.
This is the battery we are using for our robots :-

These are the specifications:

Weight :- 750 grams
Size of the Battery :- 3inches/4inches
Model Name :- PRONTEK AGM Power Pack

We have checked about this Battery online on and it is available with them.
We are using 12v motors (4) and these motors require 6V-5Ah battery.

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                                                                                                                Thank You.

Hi Arnav,

Sorry for the delay. We finally decided the policy on battery use of the 2018 event. So, your team can use sealed lead-acid batteries under this policy. Please refer here for more details.

Thank you!

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Hello Shoko.Niwa,
Thank You for the reply :slight_smile: Glad that we can use the rechargeable lead acid batteries.