Are transparent obstacles legal?


Is it legal for there to be transparent obstacles?


Dear DeLuXe,

Yes, it is not forbidden. But it may be hard for many sensors to detect.

Still is it common to use PET bottles of water in the community. I would never use it, but it is easy to find and many uses it. I would say it is better to fill them with sand, like they did in Brazil. But water is also common.

I have written guidelines for field designers where I state: “constructing obstacles rounded or soft is not nice since most sensors will give inaccurate reading when the signal is bouncing against the surface of the obstacle.”

I will add transparent obstacles to that sentence.

// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2017

Am I able to get a confirmation that this made it into the guidelines for the field designs? Will we have transparent obstacles at Japan?

Dear Rory,

Yes, I have added it to the guidelines.

See commit here on github:

But I have not seen the actual obstacles that will be used in Nagoya. I will ask for images (but not publish them here).

// Fredrik Löfgren