Appearance of colored victims


Are the colored victims entirely one color, or are we meant to identify a red circle within the 16cm^2? In other words, will the entire 16cm^2 victim marker be colored solidly or will there be a smaller colored element within a white background?


as shown in this

screenshot taken from the current maze rules, the colored victims appear to be small squares installed on a larger white wall (7cm above the ground), just like visual victims.

Hi @skelegorg,

For an object to be classified as a victim, the colored area has to be at least 16 cm^2. Therefore, yes, the entire 16 cm^2 area will be colored solidly.

2023 committee

Do the coloured tiles have to be squares, or can they be other shapes?
The rules only specify the surface area but not any exact size measurements.

Hi @quantumlyy,

In current iteration of the rules, all shapes are possible as long as they are 16 cm^2. We have already found an issue with this wording, as technically a stripe of 32x0.5 cm would also be considered a victim. Therefore, we are changing the definition, to be re-clarified in the 2024 rules. Current idea is to limit the width and height to 5 cm at most. This would make obscure cases, such as one mentioned above, impossible, but allow shapes that can be captured within a 5x5 square.

2023 committee

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