[Announcement] Participation sign up form for new simulation demonstration competition

Dear all,

A demonstration competition will be taking place in late September for the new simulation platform (have a look at details here!).

For those who missed the call for participation, in a nutshell, the demo competition will be a simulated version of rescue maze with a robot to be programmed through python or c/c++.

The participation sign up form will available from August 8th 2020 and will be on the call to participation post and this post.

If you are interested, check out the wiki page for simulation platform, Erebus - here

2020-21 TC

The participation sign up form is now released! Please check out HERE on the RCJ Rescue website. If you are planning on taking part in the upcoming New Simulation Demonstration Competition, please complete the form. It is one entry per team, and takes less than a minute!!

We are interested to know some basic information about the expected participants, and planning on sending tailored information and guidance for those interested.

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2020/21 TC