Announcement for OnStage Competition in 2021 - RULES ARE OUT

Dear Robocuppers.

Following the announcement by the RoboCup Federation, all the RCJ OnStage leagues will take place virtually at the international competition.

You will now be able to find all the rules and documents on our website.

As usual all participating teams must be selected/recommended by the corresponding regional committee/representatives.

Continue reading to find more information on what is needed to take part in the competition and how it is going to take place:

2021 OnStage Competition Overview
Teams will be asked to submit a technical description paper and program code before the event.
Team will be asked to record and submit a Recorded Technical Video Demonstration. The presentations will be judged by our team of international OnStage judges. After the judging the technical presentations will be made available online.
Teams will perform a live-streamed performance. Teams will be invited to sign up for a time slot for their performance and given a window of time in which to complete their performance. Teams will be responsible for placing a camera to stream the performance from the viewpoint of a judge. Guidance will be given to teams with an opportunity for a practice session to test the setup.
Depending on the schedule teams will be offered one or two performances. Performances will be recorded and made available online after all judging has been completed.
All teams will be invited to a private technical interview session with the judges. Teams will be invited to sign up for a time slot for their interview. The interviews will be recorded to assist with judging but will not be available for public viewing.
The Awards will be allocated in accordance to the OnStage 2021 rules.

Onstage SuperTeam competition
One of the highlights of an international competition is a SuperTeam event with a foreign team. The SuperTeams will be formed with consideration for the time zones of the teams.
Teams will be tasked with developing a performance which involves all the teams developing a robotic performance on a particular theme. Specifics of the organisation will be released in due course.

Upcoming information
Over the next few weeks, the OnStage TC and OC will be announcing information, updates, changes, etc through our league mailing list and the at this place in the forum. Please post any questions here for the TC and OC to review them and provide answers. We aim to share relevant information with the community as they are decided and or known. Despite the large limitations and difficulties of the recent months, we aim to continue to celebrate another year of exciting learning, and make this RoboCupJunior season a memorable one.

If any rule clarification is needed, please contact the International RoboCupJunior OnStage Technical Committee, using the Junior Forum. Once the inquiry is posted there, OnStage TC or OC members will respond as soon as possible.

More QandA regarding the technical details at another thread here .