[Announcement] Erebus Version at Eindhoven 2024

We are pleased to announce which version of Erebus (and Webots) will be used at the World Championship 2024 at Eindhoven.

In this year’s competition, we will use

  • Erebus v24.0.0 (minor version may be updated in later accoridng to the platform development situation)
  • Webots 2023.b

to organize the competition.
Please check the community website and platform wiki for more details.

We will use following Webots OpenGL configurations same sa last year.
Ambient Occlusion: Low
Texture Quality: Low
Max Texture Filtering: 4
Shadow: Disabled
Anti-aliasing: Disabled

We will use the official world editor to create competition worlds, but we may manually edit the generated worlds to the extent that the rules allow us to provide more exciting worlds and increase competition.

You can use the Robot Customiser to customize(prepare) your robot but please keep in note that manually editing for robot file which is exported from the tool is not allowed as you know.

For game execution method (client-server way or Docker way) is still under confirmation within the committee and dev team, we will announce it here as soon as we have concluded.

Best regards,

2024 Committee


Will these also be for the European Championships in Hannover?