Allowed libraries


our team was wondering if the following libraries are allowed:

  • opencv-python
  • numpy
  • tensorflow

opencv-python, numpy are fine…

since you ask about tensorflow, I suspect you wish to use its ocr feature. If that’s the case, it is not allowed.

I am not aware of any prebuilt models for OCR inside of Tensorflow.
We’re using it with a custom model that we trained based on images from the robot cameras. We can send the private code to the committee to verify.

Hi @quantumlyy, let me get back to you on this. Thank you for your patience.

After some further reading I discovered Tesseract which seems to include OCR capabilities, is it perhaps that you mean Tesseract and not Tensorflow?

Hi Quantumlyy

Thank you for your patience.

I understand that Tesseract is an engine tailored for ocr; whereas Tensorflow provides much broader capabilities to create and deploy ML models. The tool currently provides letter (text ) recognition libraries (APIs).

Based on online investigation and others’ input, tensorflow lite’s OCR libraries seem still requiring programmers to collect their own dataset, come up with their own text detection model and a text recognition model. As long as it does not provide any preexisting letter recognition capabilities, it should definitely be ok.

Hope this helps.

RCJ 2023 Committee