About visual victim

Hello, I am Kaori Ota. I am Japanese team of Rescue Maze. I have some questions about visual victim.
First, are the font of visual victims arial? Not bold?
Second, are there flame around the characters like the image on rules?
I am waiting your answer.

Hi Kaori,

  1. We plan to use Arai. It depends on the environment prepared by LOC.

  2. No, we will only use letters. We cut as much as possible so that no frame will remain. :wink:


Thanks for your reply.

Is the font name Arai? Not Arial?
I know that the font is Arial. My question is whether it is bold type or normal type.


Hi Kaori,

yes, Naomi means Arial. It is not specified in the rules though, it could also be another font very similar to Arial. It is also not specified if the font is bold or not. It is up to the Local Organizing Committee to print the victims. Your robot should be capable to detect it even if there are small variations. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.
I understood the meaning.
We have to adjust it in a local course, right?
Thank you very much.

Yes, that’s right :slight_smile: