About uploading programs


I have a question about uploading programs.
Our team has a lot of controllers in robots, and it’s impossible to send all programs using one txt file.
Is it possible to send a link to Google Drive in txt file?

Nikita Luskin,
Friendly Friends team

Hi Nikita,
it should be one file per program. If that’s more than you can upload you can pack alle the files into one zip archive as well.
Only requirement is, that they need be viewable be a simple text editor (notepad ++).

If that doesn’t work you can use a drive link as well. But please make sure that no permission is required to view it.

Looking forward to your presentation!!

Our team just uploaded TDP and Video. Can you let us know if OnStage TC received our materials?
We don’t want to break the deadline :slight_smile:
(We were allowed to resend Google Form at today’s Team Meeting)

Team Friendly friends, right? I received your files.
Other teams that are not sure: Check if your TDP is visible in Gather.town, I put them there as soon as I get them.

Thank you!

There is one more question. I can’t find onStage league in Gather.town. How to find it?

I’ll come and pick you up!

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