About the stream

Hi, we wanted to know which platform will apply for the virtual performance stream and if the judges will have the option to talk to us through audio or chat.

Our presentation includes constant interaction with the big screen. Because of that, we were wondering how we will present our big screen media on our stream. Could PIP ( picture in picture ) be used to stream both our presentation video and our interaction with the big screen?

Thank you,

Gabriela from Molibdênio

Hi Gabriela,
thanks for your interest in RoboCup 2021.
As we currently don’t know the exact platform that will be used for the international competition I cannot tell you if it will be possible for us to speak to you during the performance. Although we don’t know if there will be an option for multiple video streams.
One solution could be to set up a screen behind your stage and use that for your presentation. You could include this screen in the view of your main camera.

Anyway in the first instance you should contact your local rep regarding any questions on the technical equipment at your regional selection event.