About the Deadline of TDP and Video

Good evening.
We are a Maze team from Japan.

We have a question about the deadline for the TDP.
We have 9 hours time difference between Japan and UTC.

On this site, the deadline of TDP is set in 2021/06/15/23:59:59[UTC]

However, on our Personal Page, our deadline is 2021/06/16/23:59:59[UTC]
↓It is written in Japan Standard Time

Which is the correct deadline?


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Hi @Orion_Japan,

Thank you for your report.

The deadline shown on the CMS is wrong; the actual deadline is June 15th 23:59:59(UTC).
I have also fixed the deadline on the CMS, can you please check it?

Thank you,
RoboCupJunior Rescue OC Co-Chair

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I wonder if you can tell me about TDP deadline for 2022

Hi @iliazn,

Please wait a newsletter from the Junior Rescue committee cair.

2022 committee

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thank you so much @mymama

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hello everyone
I have a question about
i just wanna upload the TDP for Rescue simulation league
when i wanna upload it the site ask me a username and password
where can i find my username and password??

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An announcement regarding documents submission has been delivered to all Rescue mentors on July 6 or 7th. Please go here to view them.

–Best Regards,
2022 Committee

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Hi there!
So this !ean we don’t need TDP right?