About TDP and Technical Demonstration Video

I have several questions on onStage rules.

Firstly, when are the deadlines for TDP and Technical Demonstration Video?
Also, where should I upload it?

Secondly, is video editing allowed for Technical Demonstration Video?
Should it look like a usual offline demonstration, or not?

Thirdly, there is a misunderstanding about rules on Technical Interview.
How can it be “held immediately after the Technical Demonstration” if the Interview is live, and the Demonstration is recorded?

Evgeny Lositsky

Hi Evgeny,

The committee is preparing the information to be sent to the registered teams. So you will receive more information soon (I would say early next week or over the weekend).

Regarding the video, my understanding is that it is an unedited video.

The technical interview is scheduled to be on the 25th. Please check the schedule posted on the RoboCup 2021 official website: https://2021.robocup.org/participants/schedule

@M.Edwards @Nicholas

Hi Evgeny,
I added your question to the FAQ. You find the schedule here:

Document submission is mentioned here:

We will discuss video editing later. I will add it to the FAQ afterwards.

And the answer to video editing is out as well:

Hello Christian,

Thank you for your answers.

There is only one day left to send TDP and Technical Demonstration Video, but our team didn’t receive a link for uploading. When will this link be available?

Also, there is a question about Team Poster. Is it possible to send it this year?

Hi Evgeny,
we’re currently working on the letter for the file submission. It will go out in the next 2 h. The deadline was set to Tuesday 23:59 UTC.

We don’t request a poster this year but if the team wants to submit one, we can present it with the TDP. There will be additional upload fields in the form.

dear all till now we didn’t received a link to submit our video and the TDP

You find the link in Newsletter 2: #2 Newsletter OnStage 2021