About register for 2018 RCJ Montreal Canada

Dear RCJ Onstage OC Chair:
I come from China Shanghai Jianping Xiangmei middle school . Our teams that have qualified for this event in the RoboCup Junior OnStage League. We scored the second place in the Chinese qualifiers. We are very much looking forward to being able to participate in the Montreal International Race. The Chinese Committee has already declared our team to the main committee. We are very willing to share our works with friends who like robots all over the world. We have been studying hard for the past year. And to explore robotics technology, we hope to become a member of the RCJ family. The e-mail application for international matches has been issued for 10 days. We are very much looking forward to receiving the reply from the international committee. We really don’t want to miss the wonderful event, Please give us an opportunity to display on the international stage and we will not let you down!

sunnie zhou

Dear Sunnie zhou,

My name is Shoko Niwa, and I’m OnStage OC chair this year.

Regarding the decision of participating teams to the international event, unfortunately, I’m not in charge of it. The matter is talked between the representatives of the international committee and every regional representative. It is coordinated after consultation so that teams can participate equally from every region.

If you have asked about it to the federation via your regional representative already, please waite a response from them.

Sincerely yours,
Shoko Niwa