About presentation scenario - OnStage

Hello, I wonder if we can use a logotype from a movie as part of the Robocup - Category OnStage - presentation scenario, because our theme is a movie. The element in question will be lively and will play an important part in the work.

Thank you for your attention and I hope to see you back as soon as possible.


Tiago Araújo
Team Leader - Brazil

Dear Tiago Araújo,

Thank you for your question and so sorry for the late reply.

If a team uses a theme or a story from movies, fairy tails, comics and so on as a performance scenario, it will be no problem. If a team imitates the appearance of a famous character, it will not be prohibited. However, it will not get a higher evaluation than your own design in the category of creativity. Also, it may have some problems with copyright.

But your question is about a logotype, don’t you? We need a little more information to answer correctly. Could you give us additional information about what kind of logotype and how will you use?

Best regards,

Hello Mr. Shoko,

Our presentation involves the cinematic universe of Marvel Comics. So part of the scenario would be the Avengers logo. Our goal is to do at a certain moment of the presentation, one of the thefts interact with the logo, simulating the tower of the heroes of the fictitious world.

I’ll be trying to enclose an outline of our “Logo” prototype for you to review.

I am waiting for further instructions on permissible use of the logo.


Tiago Araújo

Hi Tiago,

Thank you for the quick reply. But, unfortunately, I could not open the URL. :disappointed_relieved:
Could you share it in another way?

Best regards,

Hello Shoko,

Trying to send via Google share through the link.

Google Photos

We will be giving a presentation on the “Marvel” universe, and we would like to use the Avengers logo as part of the show.

At the link above are the prototypes under construction.


Tiago Araújo

Hi Tiago,

Thank you for sharing a photo again.

It seems kinds of a stage prop, not a robot, isn’t it? If so, there is no problem.

On the other hand, we cannot answer about copyright. It is the team’s own responsibility to verify the copyright holder. Please contact the copyright holder by yourself.


Hello, Shoko.
Thank you for your attention.

The object in question will rather be an animated scenario. I’m trying to get in touch with the copyright to get the license.

Leveraging: Will I need to write a TDP? how to do for submission?

Thank you.