About Age Rule in RoboCup 2019

Hello, everyone

I’m currently a Team Mentor of a Peruvian Rescue Line Team, and I checked on the rules that the age has increased this year, and, as I understand it, all the team members need to be 13 years or older by July 1st, 2019. But the team that was classified in our event has one team member that won’t be 13 years old until August 24th, as we were following the 2018 rules when forming the teams.

My question is if he would be allowed to participate in this year’s RoboCup in Australia, having into account he does turn 13 years old this year and that all the other team members will have no age-related problem.

Thanks for your reply!

The 2019 rules were published last year. The youngest age of students who can participate in RoboCupJunior 2019 is 13 year old as of July 1st, 2019.