A robot That Can read

First,The Problem:some people cannot read,or They may have difficulty reading,and There are people who suffer from paralysis (The inability to move the body) and blindness(the inability to see)who can’t read either but reading is very useful,so we must create a solution that we can program the robot to talk and do many things,such as charging the phone.It has a screen like a phone.so,It can search for alot of sites and it will read it.second
The solution:we can make a robot that can read through devices and cameras like the one on the phone so that when it sees something that is supposed to her reads it and her reads it automatically and you can connect it to the internet where we can download anentrie book and we can add the translation feature so that if the text is Arabic,it can say it English read it automatically
The End


Thank you for sharing an idea to help those with disabilities! Maybe you can turn this idea into some OnStage performance?

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Thank you for your support.
We can turn this idea into reality with complete equipment,Such as the one in the phone. The phone can make a sound, this is how the robot should do,but automatically by programming it on this and it can be connected to the internet,so we can dispense with books and and in this way the blind(the person who does not sess)to dis pense with Louis braille,the person who gave his life to do good for humanity,we can dispense with braille(method that enables the blind to read by digging dots in the paper) this robot will help many paralyzed people because they can’t even use Braille to read and who do not they can read this through the robot programmer,in a special way,like a phone the phone was just passing fantasy, but with work it be came a reality and we can carry it