A problem of released individual field score for rescue line

Hi. I’m Kengo Kishida, team leader of team “Remember” from Japan. We participated in the rescue line category in the last world final competition in Bordeaux.

Thank you for releasing the results of the competition on the website. It enabled everyone to check the results. I really appreciate that.

However, I noticed that the table “Individual Field Scores - Line” is not partly true. Our rank on this table is 6th place, but looking at the normalized scores and time, It doesn’t correspond to the table “Overall Rescue Line Rankings”. Probably our team score was mistakenly exchanged for that of team “Bitflip”. In addition to this, checking the table “Line - Final Individual Field Scores” from CMS cabinet, the rank from the table on the website also doesn’t correspond to the rank from the table from CMS cabinet. Our team code was “L16” and the table from CMS cabinet says our rank of final individual field scores was 5th place, but the table on the website says we are 6th place. I believe that the table from CMS is correct. Can you confirm about this thing and modify the table on the website if it is not true?

Best regards

Hi @Remember,

Thank you for pointing thus out, after a quick glimpse, it seems that it is exactly as you say. The table in the CMS is the correct one, we will look into the mistakes we made with the website table and fix it ASAP.

Thank you again for pointing this out and we apologize for this oversight!

2023 committee

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Hey @Remember,

We’ve just updated the score files and they should be all correct now.

You can also checkout some of the other newly added content, such as the official line competition fields from Bordeaux.

Thanks again for pointing out the mistake and hope to see you next year.

2023 committee

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