A couple of small rule changes (before Montreal 2018)

Hello everyone,

As the international competition is approaching, we would like to announce a couple of very small changes to the rules:

  • Fix Open/Lightweight definitions in the beginning – this was discussed here on the forum
  • Rule 1.11: award goals for each elapsed 30 seconds
  • Only two members of a team allowed near the field
  • Only the captain has the can freely talk to the referee.
  • Any shouting over a referee or demanding a change in ruling can result in a warning. Two warnings can result in disqualification of a team member from the game.

The last three points were added as part of our effort to ensure that there is a high level of mutual respect between referees and competitors, which then result in a much more enjoyable games, rather than shouting matches.

You can find the full changelog here and donwload a PDF version from this link.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to respond to this thread.


– Marek

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