5% tolerance on measurements also apply to time

Hello everyone,

during the German Open a smart team noticed that technically the rule

1.9.5 All measurements in the rules have a tolerance of ±5%.

also applies to rule

3.3.8 Each team will be given a maximum time of 8 minutes to calibrate the sensors, select the checkpoints and let the robot complete the course. […]

So technically each time could be given up to 24 seconds of additional time as the time is also a measurement.

It should be common sense that this is not the case, but it would probably be better to rephrase it to something like

1.9.5 All measurements in chapter 1 (Field) have a tolerance of ±5%.


Dear Jan,

Yes, that is a good point. The rules are currently being reviewed by different members of the TC and GC. If there are any additional chances to change the rule, this will be implemented.

If not, it will be made clear that yes, the 5% rule does NOT apply to time.


Kai Junge - 2018 Rescue TC

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