4.15 Safty Rules, Number 8

Me and my fellow team members are looking for some clarification on what is considered a projectile because we were thinking about making a world football cup performance and we got very passionate about the idea. We were wondering would a football gently shot at a slow speed be a problem and break the rules of Robocup Onstage.

Thank you for your patience

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Hello Bartol,

thank you for getting in touch with us.
Generally you have to make sure that the audience as well as your team nerver is subject to any risk due to the performance. This could be solved by using a very soft and lightweight ball or a very low powered shooting mechanism. Also it could be helpfull to not shoot the ball in the direction of any person, attaching it to some kind of string or building boundaries to limit the possible shooting range.

If the ball can not be considered a safety hazard it will not be considered a projectile. To make sure this is the case for your performance we need some more information about your show. Feel free to send us technical data or a video of your mechanism as soon you have it ready.

We are looking forward to your performance!


OnStage Committee

[In Robocup OnStage, a projectile is typically defined as an object that is thrown or launched with force, and can cause potential harm or damage to people or objects in its path. A football gently shot at a slow speed would likely not be considered a projectile, as it does not pose a significant risk of harm or damage ShootTheSoccer.

However, it’s important to carefully review and understand the specific rules and guidelines of Robocup OnStage to ensure that your performance is compliant. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and double-check with the organizers or referees to avoid any potential issues during your performance.