2024 Scoring for Dead Victims if no Living Victim rescued

Hi folks,

the combination of 4.6.6 and 4.6.9 has caused some discussion for us.

Logically, I’d assume a dead victim is not “successfully” rescued if the living victims have not been successfully rescued before, even if it is successfully placed in its evac point.

But as a colleague pointed out, taking the rules literally, this is not actually the case.

4.6.6 A successful victim rescue occurs when the victim is entirely moved into the designated evacuation point, and no part of the robot can be in contact with the victim.

The specification for SDVR also in 4.6.6 only defines the multiplier awarded, not whether the rescue is deemed successful.

Combining this with

4.6.9. Multipliers earned for successful victim rescues will never be lower than 1.25

would mean that a dead victim successfully placed in the correct evac. point is awarded a multiplier of 1.4 if both living victims were rescued before, and a 1.25 multiplier if they were not - instead of no multiplier.

Could you please clarify which interpretation is the intention of the rules?

RobocupJunior Austria

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Hi @Nico,

A dead victim being rescued before both live victims have been successfully rescued cannot be considered a successful rescue, so no multiplier is awarded in this case.

Thank you for raising this issue, we will update the terms to minimise any misunderstandings it may cause.

2024 committee


Thanks for confirming that @rzhang !

And for clarifying the phrasing going forward.