2023 Rescue Maze Public Discussion

Welcomes discussions regarding possible modifications to the 2023 Rules.

Fill in one or more of the following forms: :link: Maze 2023 Rules Discussion Form .

If other ideas or concerns are not reflected in this form, please provide more detailed thought/feedback.

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Hi Elizabeth!
Interesting form indeed.

I noted there is a new discussion about soccer ENTRY rules.
Can be done something similar for Rescue Maze Entry?
The actual rules are applied to the European Championship and I feel there is room for an interesting debate around it.

Thank you.

Hello Elizabeth and all members of the Rescue Maze community!

Item 4.6 (Score) of the 2023 Rescue Maze Rules Draft says about victim identification:

β€œ1. A robot must deploy a rescue kit entirely within 15 cm of the victim to successfully deploy a rescue kit. The deployment point is determined by the location of the rescue kit when the robot moves entirely out of the 15 cm boundary of the victim”

I would like to verify if it is mandatory to successfully identify a victim to score the rescue kit deployment. If positive, perhaps it could be edited to something like β€œ1. After successfully identifying a victim, a robot must deploy …”

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Thank you, Diogo. I’ll bring it to the committee.

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PeterParker, I will definitely emphasize your request to the 2023 committee. Thank you.

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Every news about it will be welcome!
Thank you so much!

Hello Elizabeth!

I need a clarification about Rule 2.2.5

  1. Blue tiles:
    a. Blue tiles in the field represent puddles or other hard-to-traverse terrains.
    b. If a robot visits a blue tile, it has to stop for 5 seconds before being allowed to continue.

So, if the robot goes through, for instance, 3 blue tiles placed consecutively, it MUST stop 3 times for a total of 15 seconds, right?

Hi @PeterParker,

yes, the robot should stop 3 times and stay stationary for 5 seconds each time.

2022 committee

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Thank you for your clear answer!