2023 Entry League Draft Rules Public Discussion #soccer-rules-entry-2023

Hey everybody,

we would like your feedback and experiences on this.

we are in the process of creating a rule set for an Entry League where teams that are participating for the first couple of times have an easier time starting out. You may recognize the concept from your region as many regions are already running these kinds of competitions.

The goal for this rule set is to be used as guidelines for harmonization between regions regions within a super-region so that teams that qualify for super-regional tournaments (at the moment the Africa/Europe super-region is the only one we know to be running an Entry league at the super-regional tournament) do not have to make major changes for their robots to be allowed to play.

You will find the current version of the draft at https://robocupjuniortc.github.io/soccer-rules-entry/2023-draft-rules/rules.pdf . Differences to the regular 2023 soccer rules are highlighted in red (although both are in draft state and still subject to changes).

Major changes are:

  • Each team starts only one LWL-style robot (IR ball, 22cm, 1100g max.)
  • Each team member may participate a maximum of two seasons in Entry League Teams
  • Top markers are not required
  • No out-area, play up to the walls
  • No wedge in front of walls
  • Robots allowed inside penalty area
  • Added flattened corners (see diagram inside rules) to prevent ball getting too stuck in corners
  • Crossbar on top of goals to prevent robots driving in
  • Maybe (feedback on this please) forbid yellow and blue shirts around Entry tables if walls are <22cm in case teams use cameras.
  • The field size is given as a fairly large range (length, width, wall height) so that all kinds of available fields can be used (e.g. temporarily putting green carpet and two goals into an FLL field, putting some boards on a regular soccer field or using the old “Soccer A” fields that used to be their own league.

We need your feedback on all of these changes and suggestions for further changes you feel would make the Entry rules a better experience for teams in their first or second year of RoboCup Junior Soccer. Please post feedback specific to these changes here and new ideas in the lower of the two threads linked below

Also note the two other threads about entry:


I cross-posted this here to keep discussion orderly so people can find all the relevant stuff in the right threads:

  1. That is under discussion, our worry is the same as for regular Soccer: We may well end up benefiting the teams with the expensive motors more because teams with cheap motors cannot run +20% current to compensate for lesser efficiency.
  2. The idea behind the 1100g limit is that the 1:1 LWL bot can become one of the robots of the 2:2 LWL team that teams need to move to after being in Entry twice.
  3. Yes, with the uncertainty about availability of HiTechnic Ball sensors, the discontinuation of Mindstorms EV3 and the fact that e.g. Japan has a large league running mostly on non-Lego and non-Fischertechnik bots we went with a generic ruleset. Importantly none of these rules are binding, (super-)regions may adapt or replace them entirely. For Germany (where we’re both from if I’m not mistaken) as far as I know Standard Kit will continue to run LEGO/Fischer Technik and what was 1:1 Open is intended to move to something like this 1:1 Lightweight draft.


Hi David
to 2: For us, the 1vs1 league is the 1st step towards the self-constructed robot. The teams use simpler components and constructions to learn. After 1 or 2 years and with the knowledge they have acquired, they then build the LWL 2vs2 robots.
Since the 1vs1 robots do not have line recognition, they cannot be used directly in the LWL 2vs2 league.
Best regards

While I know Spike Prime is allowed in the competition, please confirm if LEGO Mindstorms Inventor (51515) is also allowed. Also, can we mix and match the accessories, like a large angular motor (from Spike Prime) with inventor motors?

Please replay. Thanks.

There are no limitations on what parts you can use in any of the RoboCup Federation rulesets, there are only some Entry leagues in some regions in which you are restricted to standard kit parts. Please check with organizers in your region which rules they will be running if you need information on those