2019 rules clarification


New 2019 rules state that the layout of world 2 will not be released to teams prior to the competition, but on some local competitions we got world_2 map in cospace and only didn’t get an image that shows spawn points and locations of everything. My question is do we get world 2 map on our computers or do we see it for the first time when we start competing?

Tnx for help!

Based on the Clause 4.1.2 of RCJ RescueSimulation Rules 2019.
“The layout of WORLD_2 will not be released to teams prior to the competition. However, the number of deposition areas, objects, swam zones etc. will be released to teams.”
Teams will not see the WORLD_2’s layout until the competition is starting.

For the new rules, will it be only the number of the different areas (eg. Deposit and Swamp) released or will a small part of the map also be released?

Hi Cow
As seen in RoboCup 2019 Sydney team are provided with practice map file which is contain world 1 and lite view of world 2( some part of match map) beside indicator.
Lite view

@Naeem1 Thank You for the info and pictures. To clarify, is the indicator showing the elements that the particular square area contains?

Exactly, i recommend you to download Maps of RoboCup 2019 Sydney.

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