Will the size and weight of robots change in the Open League in 2022?

It takes a very long time to make robots, and if the regulations are published only closer to the new year, it will be impossible to make new, smaller robots for the regional qualifiers. I would be very happy to hear the answer, this is probably of interest to many


My Team agrees with Alex. It’s a good topic that’s defenetly need anwser.


Our team DOT. is also very interested in this question because following development of new robots depends on size and weight restrictions.:cold_sweat::flushed::fearful:


We keep asking for month now…

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience and massive interest in building RCJ Soccer robots!

As you may have noticed, the draft rules have been released already last week in a separate topic on the forum:

Should you have any questions/thoughts/comments/feedback, please do send it there and we’ll try to discuss it in there.