Seeking Clarifications on Section 8.2.2 (RCJ Soccer Open)

The 2017 rules for Robocup Junior Soccer Open states that each robot may only have one camera, and in section 8.2.2 of the rules, it is stated the the lens/camera have to be made by students. If we were thinking to use a commercially bought ball bearing and use the camera to view the reflected image off of the ball bearing, would that be going against the rules stated in 8.2.2? The assembly and mounting of the entire set up would be done by students, and we would be using the ball bearing as a “mirror” of sorts.
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Team Radius

Interesting. I do not see a problem with using a highly reflective ball bearing to produce the wide angle view as long as that omnidirectional reflective ball bearing does not interfere with the performance of other robots. The Soccer TC should have a closer look at the question.
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Hi @teamradius, @profspina

I am sorry for my late reply. In principle, there should not be a problem with what you describe. I already responded along the same lines to a very similar request. Let me quote the reply here as well:

As I said there, hopefully this helps to clarify the situation. If not, please feel free to ask any further questions you may have.

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Thank you for the clarification!

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