Rule Change Suggestion : allowing wifi peer2peer

This is a smaller one:
New chips as the ESP 32 have WIFI capabilities.
There are dedicated peer to peer protocols.
Allowing any kind of communication between two robots would increase the number of possible devices.

At the moment we have to show in the sourcecode that we have wifi switched of.
It is the same deal to show that wifi is in peertopeer mode.
With this rule change all the raspberry pies could use their wifi as well and possibly the amount
of information sent between two robots will increase to allow more advanced tactics?


Hi @stiebel,

Sadly, as much as I would be for allowing anything that simplifies peer to peer communication between robots and teams, it cannot be based on WiFi as @amy.eguchi has mentioned in this thread. Similarly to what @elizabeth.mabrey said in that thread, I personally also do not like the status quo and will try my best to see if it can be changed somehow. But for now it seem we will have to manage without WiFi.

That being said, we are trying to work on something that would both allow communication between various robots and at the same time adhere to the current rules (i.e. would not require WiFi).

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks a ton for all your activity on the forum!