RoboCupJunior Soccer Sim Demo 2022

Hello everyone,

We hope you’ve had a nice beginning of the year!

It took us a bit but we are excited to announce that we will host the second (now annual) RoboCup Junior Soccer Simulation Competition.

RCJ Soccer Sim

The RoboCupJunior Soccer Sim Demo competition is exactly what it sounds like: a
chance to try out the Webots-based Soccer Sim environment, along with the new
updates prepared for 2022. These include:

The “Demo” in its name refers to the fact that it is not an “official”
competition but rather sort of a trial for the official competition that will
be held in July 2022.


The rules are based on the regular RoboCupJunior Soccer rules, adapted to the
simulation environment.

You can find them at this link.

Note: The rules haven’t changed much from the last year. Perhaps the most
important change is the change of the world’s coordinate system. We encourage
you to check out the sample Robot controllers as well as the
Webots documentation.


Just as in 2021, we’ll use a Webots world adapted to our rules and will accept
controllers programmed in Python 3. The latest version of the environment
can be found on the link below. We consider the code done for the Demo 2022
competition, meaning no significant changes are expected, just bug fixes.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


We now have two fully fledged documentation articles that can help you get
started programming your robots:

If you feel like there is something missing in the documentation, do not
hesitate to suggest a change – Pull Requests are very much welcome!


unless otherwise specified, all dates use the Anywhere on Earth timezone

  • Registration: 13-02-2022 20-02-2022
  • Code submission: 20-02-2022 27-02-2022
  • Competition: 28-02-2022 (tentative)

Note that we plan to use your code to simulate the tournament during the
competition days – no action is expected from your side.


You can register by filling in the following registration form:

Registration Form

Note that after the tournament has finished, your robot code will be published under an open-source license in RoboCup Junior’s spirit of sharing.

What should I do if I have questions?

Please post them to this thread! We will also use it to share any new updates and developments.

Happy coding!

RoboCupJunior Soccer Committee & Friends

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I was wondering if any data from this competition will be published in near future?

Hi @HRobo ,

The results were published in RoboCupJunior Soccer Sim Demo 2022 Results - #4 by mareksuppa

Hope this helps!