Rescue Presentation Event: End of evaluation

Dear all,

As announced, the TC and OC have evaluated each submitted video thoroughly and have awarded a number of teams for outstanding presentations.

All the information can be seen here! There were many close calls during the decision process. So we strongly encourage everyone to browse through all the presentations.

This officially marks the end of this presentation event. The event is over but the website and the video hosting will still continue (without any particular end date in mind).

Once again, congratulations to all the participants and we hope it was an enjoyable event for everyone!


Kai Junge
2020/21 TC

You could send us the rubric of the scores to the emails of the participants of the virtual competition to know what to correct so as not to make mistakes in the future.

Dear @Hoel

Sorry for the late reply. Similar to the international competition, if you would like to know details of the scores and how we evaluated, please privately message the TC directly.


2020/21 TC