Rescue line binary switch on ev3

The rules say that the robot must be equipped with a binary switch or a button.
Is it possible to use ev3? Or you need to put an external button that turns the software on and off?

Hi @MicheleMea,

Did you read this thread?
If you still have question after read that, please describe about your question more for reach clear answer.


2020 Rescue TC/OC

my problem is different.
I use a lego ev3 connected together with arduino.
the main program resides on ev3, so i start the software on ev3 and he connects with Arduino.
on ev3 I can’t put a button to start the software for the few inputs that have.
Is it ok if I use ev3 with only one software loaded? This way I can only start that without being able to do anything.

Hi @MicheleMea

It would be wonderful from the organisational side if you could have the switch ready. The exception is given out to complete novices for the moment.

You can for example, come to the competition area with the main program running (so already connected to the Arduino), and then have a function in the Arduino sketch to see if a button (possibly connected to one of the interrupt pins) is triggered or not to start/exit the main loop (or equivalent).


2020 TC

Hi…as mentioned in the suggested thread you can’t use this.The pre-mapping so that a button of this type can be programmed to just stop the programming and even have the mapping or you can also program it for the robot to take another action. I also had the LEGO attached with my Arduino but i opted the alternative then.

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