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Hi, I don’t understand how the rescue kit scores are awarded If I take it and leave it before the evacuation zone or what changes inside? Where do I get the most points?thanks

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Hi @MicheleMea,

Thank you for ask about it.
I’m thinking that the description about the rescue kit in the rule is not clear. So please allow me to desribe what the rule is mentioning about it!

Firstly, team can choose 2 levels for rescue kit transport. (refer rule 2.9.2)

2.9.2 Teams can either choose to carry a rescue kit to drop off into the evac zone, or to have the rescue kit on the path towards the evacuation zone.

This expression may have confused you, so let me explain it briefly in another words.

The team can choose these 2 levels for rescue kit transport.
Low level: Put the rescue kit on the robot before start. So, it means the robot will carry the rescue kit from start tile to evacuation point.

High level: Have the rescue kit on the path towards the evacuation zone. The robot will search the rescue kit on the path towards the evacuation zone and collect then transport it to evacuation point.

Next, let's check the rule section 4.5.7. Of course, the team that chooses a higher level will get a higher multiplier.

4.5.7 An additional multiplier will be awarded for the rescue kit placed completely inside an evacuation point, as such:
● Level one + carrying rescue kit: x1.1
● Level one + not carrying rescue kit: x1.3
● Level two + carrying rescue kit: x1.2
● Level two + not carrying rescue kit: x1.6

In this section, Level one/two is representing the level of evacuation point. Then “carrying rescue kit” is representing lower level of rescue kit transport. “not carrying rescue kit” is representing higher level of rescue kit transport.

So, if you want to get highest multipliers from rescue kit, you will need to chose level two for evacuation point and have the rescue kit on the path towards the evacuation zone. In this case, you can earn x1.6!

Have you solved your question?


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Hi, i’m writing here because its similar content.
[NEW] ​4.6.8 The rescue kit will be placed where it was (even if it is located on the robot) when a lack of progress is called.

In case of team which is carrying a kit and kit somehow falls off robot, if LoP occurs. Kit is positioned back on robot ?
In case of team which is NOT carrying a kit and robot already picked the kit up, if LoP occurs. Kit is positioned back on the field (position determent by the field designers)?
Regardless of transport technique and kit is on/held by robot,if LoP occurs. Kit is placed on floor/tile where/when LoP occurs ?

Hi @marguc_m

I’m not sure if I understood your question correctly, but I will post the explanation of this rule for reference (please tell me if I’m not answering your question).

Rule 4.6.8 says, when a LoP happens, the rescue kit will not be touched or moved. If the kit is on the floor, it will stay wherever it was last left. If the kit is being carried by the robot, it will remain on the robot. This is when the LoP is called (not during the time when the robot is picked up and moved), so if the kit falls off the robot while you are restarting the robot, it will be placed back on the robot.

The one unclear situation is if a LoP is called when the robot is picking up the rescue kit with a gripper of some sort, and it is difficult to restart with the kit being held by a gripper. In such a case the judge would instruct to leave the kit where the robot picked it up on the field.

Hope this helps!


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still on the kit, if the team chooses to look for the kit, who will position the kit, the judge, the team captain or will it be determined by the track designers?

Hi @Whilker,

The position of the rescue kit will be decided by the field designer and placed by judges.

This thread may be helpful to you.

I hope this answers your question.


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