Remote control at the beginning of the performance

Hello Sir,

I would like to ask if I can present below performance during contest:
We program an android app via APP inventor installed in my phone, it will voice recognition what I said and transfer the “start” signal to my reboot via LEGO EV3 Bluetooth. Once the robot received the Bluetooth single, it start to show his performance automatically without human control.

Is the rule allowed 2.8.1 ?


Hi Sheng - Wen,

Thank you for your question.

I do not think there is any problem with the use of a mobile phone to start a robot using Bluetooth, but please give us a little more time to reach a consensus with OnStage TC.

By the way, please give us more details about the speech recognition of your robot.
Does your app require the Internet to use cloud services? If so, how do you connect? I have a concern because the junior team can not use WiFi at the venue.

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Dear Shoko.Niwa Sir,
Sorry reply later…

Hi Sir

The speech recognition module is already installed in mobile, we can refer it as one of the method of mobile input, thus it no need any extra network. It only has bluetooth signle negotiation between modile and robot.

We will arrange a play with dialong, the players will perfrom one story and speak out a certain key word, once the mobile APP verified the key word, the mobile phone will send out the signal via bluebooth. We want to clarify this is not control the robot directly, and the bluetooth signal is a switch to trigger the robot start to performance, no other command sending via performance. We want to double check if we have followed the competition rule.

Sheng - Wen