Questions about robocup in Thailand

Hi, does anyone know if we have to make videos or posters for the RoboCup in Thailand?

Both a poster session and technical interviews are on the schedule.


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Thanks, and does the poster have any measures to be followed? If yes, may you pass them for me?

Posters are generally between DIN A3 and DIN A1 but there are no specific size requirements that I am aware of.

And it should be in portrait or landscape?

I think they are usually portrait but both exist (see this picture from the RoboCup Junior Website as an example

Hi @Aperture,

What @david is correct. There currently are no published rubrics for the 2022 competition, but in the previous year’s rubrics ( one could find

Note that the poster can be at most 36” high x 48” wide (landscape) or 91.4 cm high x 121.9 cm wide.

Although I do not know what will be the official size this year, I don’t think it will change much.

That being said, I’ll do my best to let the committee know that people are asking about this and that an official rubric would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again and do not hesitate to reach out again!

@mareksuppa, I’d like to make sure my understanding is correct: Teams do NOT need to submit any technical paper, code or engineering journal prior to the competition. Rather, we need to show up on the morning of July 13 in Bangkok with our robots, a physical poster and our code on our PCs. Is that correct?
We are happy either way. The US national competition required pre-submission of a paper and code this year. Thus, I want to double-check: The worldcup is just “register and then show up in Bangkok”, nothing submitted in the interim?

Thanks, and do you guys know when this year’s rubrics are going to be publish?

A final draft of the rubrics is in the works; we understand timing is of the essence and appreciate your patience.

In terms of documentation, I refer you to rules 8.2.F.2 and 9.2.1. As of now, there is no plan to require teams to submit documentation before the event.

Please continue to post here for any further clarifications. Thanks also for posting these questions - it is bringing up good points for us to consider discussing for future seasons.

Just in case someone following this thread doesn’t see it; I moved the discussion on the awards to this thread that has a link to the updated award rubrics draft.