Questions about 2022 RescueLine Rules


I have several questions about 2022 RescueLine Rules ( ) .

  • It seems 2.3.4 perhaps has a lack: a seesaw should be included in the application.

  • 2.3.4 describes, “The line will be 10 cm away from… ” Which is the reference point of measuring, line centre or edge?

  • According to 2.5.6, there is a possibility that obstacles will place closer than 25 cm from seesaws. Should we make preparations for that?

  • 4.6 scoring, 5. multiplier, and 7. additional multiplier says we can obtain multipliers in proportion to the numbers of successful rescues. (For instance, level 1 evacuation point is selected, we obtain the multiplier 1.2*1.2 = 1.44 when we successfully rescue two living victims.) Is our understanding is correct?

  • Does the deduction enacted by 4.6.8 apply to the additional multiplier enacted by 4.6.7?



Welcome back our forum.

A1 We consider the edge of the field to be the part floating from the floor of the field, such as the ramp, the tile elevated by the ramp, or the seesaw.

A2 When thinking about the rules, the center is the standard. However, when organizing the world competition, we measure from the edge of the black line in favor of the team.

A3 We also consider Ramps and seesaws to be on the edge of the field, so keep obstacles 25 cm away from the seesaw. … The seesaw is also an inclined tiles like as Ramps.

A4 Yes.

A5 Yes. We have a similar question here.