Question about team inspection and "captain"

I have two questions.

  1. In robocupjunior-inspection, we have to mark which controller we use and which programming language type we use. Because we use EV3 and Arduino as controllers, we cannot mark it. What we should do?
  2. In section 3.2.1, the text states: Teams should designate one of their members as “captain” and another one as “co-captain,”
    and in registration, there is a word"project manager." Should captain and project manager be the same student?

Dear SKYCrew,

  1. I suspect you use one as main controller and the other as slave? Mark the main controller and write the other under other devices. Same with language.
    It is just for statistical purposes.

  2. It does not need to be the same. The captain is the one that calls lack of progress during a run. And also place the robot in the field.

// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC 2017