Problem uploading profile picture


I tried to upload a profile pic but it always stops when the upload status has reached 100%.
It’s neither working with the profile background or the user card background.:confused:
Has someone else already tried this succesfully?
Could this be some kind of bug?

Regards, Marc

This is an known Problem at the moment, the image upload function has some problems and is not working at the moment. I will look into it in the next days.


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This bug is now resolved and the image upload is working now.


Great news! Thank you!

At least for me the upload of pictures is not working yet. I get the message

Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

Apart from that I think pictures to illustrate something should never be added externally (like Google or any other hosting service), always by adding them directly to the forum because they get lost if the link doesn’t work anymore. Is it possible to somehow detect this or at least give a strong hint in the yellow box appearing next to the new topic text editor as soon as the upload is working again?

I will look at it tomorow. I think there is a setting so the forum will download the file to local storage, I will look at it.


@Nils Also setting Gravatar profile picture doesn’t work.

This still does not work. Could someone please look into it?