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what will the openGL settings be this year? there doesnt seem to be any clarification about how internationals will be run. thank you


Was wondering the same question. Here are the settings we’re currently using to test:



That is the same settings used last year. Not sure if the onsite setup will be the same.

I’ll need to verify with the committee who will be responsible for the setup onsite. Will follow up soon.


This is what will be set:

–Elizabeth Mabrey
2023 Rescue Committee

Why aren’t we disabling shadows and anti-aliasing this year?


I agree. Why is everything else disabled except for shadows and anti-aliasing?


Ahh… I do see enabling shadows can be problematic. Let me discuss that with the committee and return back to this.

–Elizabeth Mabrey
2023 Rescue Committee

ok… after consulting other committee members… We will keep the the shadow disabled.

If any team sees there is an issue with this, please let us know ASAP.

Hello, the change to the Max Texture Filtering affects us considerably. That suddenly reduced our score by 70%. The shadows were honestly not that big of a deal (you only need to lower the brightness threshold a little), but the texture filtering radically changes the way we have to process color values, because it transforms the color differences into a gradient, that changes depending on the distance of detection, and introduces a big range of color values that can be confused for other elements of the map. We will not be able to adapt in the little time we have left.

Last year I sent in a list of ‘lessons learned’ pertaining to Simulation last year. One of the highest priorities I listed was simply to put the OpenGL settings in the rules so there were no last-minute surprises.


@ale I’ll bring it to the dev team and come back.

To confirm, shadows will be disabled (“Disable shadows” set to true), correct?

That seems to be the case. yes

Correct :slight_smile:

Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Hello! I was wondering if you had any news about that. This is the graphics config we are using to test in my team:

If you are having trouble with deciding on the texture filtering, I would like to present the argument that if the filtering is on, that will affect the teams that have made tests with it off, but, in theory, if it’s kept off, it shouldn’t affect the teams that have tested with it on. That is since what it does is smooth the textures out, and any colour filters or thresholds that they may have will necessarily include the base values. This is of course in theory, maybe some teams that have code that works with the filtering on can confirm or deny this.

@ale a survey sent out yesterday to teams’ mentor…
subject : Tell Us Your Webots OpenGL

You should find a surveys on your personal page. This survey is to know your preferred OpenGL settings. Please answer it from your Personal Page. (Open Personal Page → Click “Tell Us Your Webots Settings”)

Please submit one ASAP.

Elizabeth Mabrey
2023 Rescue Committee

Thank you! Our mentor hadn’t seen the email when I made that post. We’ve filled the survey yesterday.

Thank you all filling in the survey… here is to re confirm the Open GL setting…

Ambient Occlusion: Low
Texture Quality: Low
Max Texture Filtering: 4
Shadow: Disabled
Anti-aliasing: Disabled

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Hello. First of all, thank you for finally defining the settings. We understand this was made in the interest of the majority, and a good decision was taken given the circumstances, but we are pretty sure that, because of this change, unfortunately you won’t be seeing us near the top of the score-board. We just wanted to ask that for the next competitions the organizers please clarify this and all relevant information in the rules.

We also would like to request an increase to the resolution of the cameras (we have no problem dealing with any performance decrease), or at least to make it adjustable. The current resolution makes the available detection techniques very susceptible to these types of minutia, and severely limits the possibility of more complex programs (besides being unrealistic).

The Talos team

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