New rule about red tape

in the rules there is a new section that says:
2.3.5. The line will end with a goal tile, which has a 25mm x 300mm strip of red tape in the centre of the tile, perpendicular to the incoming line.
I just need some clarification on that as I’m not quite sure what it means.
does it mean that the silver reflective tape will be replaced?

Hi @Pashmam,

Could you check the figures on the rule ?
Let’s check a figure on p18.
A red tape is placed in the center of goal tile.
A green tape is placed at the exit of the evacuation zone. (2.8.5)
A silver tape is placed at the entrance to the evacuation zone,. (2.8.4)
We will use these 3 colour tapes in the 2022 competition.
So, we will not replace the silver tape to any coulor tape.

2022 Committee