Material of silver tiles

Hi,I wonder know which material is used to make the silver tiles.And does this material reflect lights heavily?Or it just looks like a light-grey paper.By the way,are there a large amount of creases in the silver tiles?If it is possible,please show me the template.

Here are the reason why I want to know that.Our team entered the competition of RCJ Resuce-Maze,and the task we should finish required us to recognize the silver tiles,then do something special.However,the sensor of our robot cannot divide the white tile and the silver tile,so we failed to get good marks.

Dear Cubies,

The silver checkpoints should reflect more visible light than the white floor.
It will probably have aluminum foil tape or something similar but it is the local organization that buy all material so I can’t show any sample.

All teams will face the same problems when arriving to the venue :slight_smile:

Good luck!
// Fredrik Löfgren