Line and Maze sample scoring sheets (from TC)

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Sorry for the delay, but this link contains 4 PDFs showing sample scoring sheets and an example of how they are used, for both line and maze.

Hope this is helpful for all local and regional organisers, as well as teams.


2020 TC

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Rescue Line
I have a question about if is obligatory to put a checkpoint on the title number 23 or 24

An other question for the rescue line scoring sheet.

According to 4.5.3 (scoring) of the 2020 rules. The two tiles after the chekpoint on tile 39 do not give any points? Because tiles after the last checkpoint don’t give any more points? right?
You only get 15 points for the intersection (tile 40) and for reaching the goal tile (60 points?) ?

@kaijunge, can you also give the score obtained in your scoresheet to check my own count.

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Hi @S123,

Checkpoints can be placed before / after the evacuation zone as shown in the sample score sheet, and there is no problem even if you do not.
The placement of the checkpoint is decided by field designer. (refer 4.3.3)
Please note that the only place that can not be made a checkpoint is the tile which has the score item. (refer 4.3.4)

Also please note that the sample scoresheet maps are provided only to help you understand how to use the scoresheets, not to illustrate the good course examples.


2020 RCJ Recue TC/OC

Hi @moumout24,

No, you can’t earn additional points for these two tiles. It because there are no checkpoints after that. We (Rescue TC) are providing new figure for understanding this point easily.
Please also check…

Exactly, but the points for the intersections were changed to 10 points in 2020 rules.
And please note that the exit bonus is calculated as below.

4.5.9 An exit bonus is awarded when the robot has reached the goal tile and has completely stopped for more than 5 seconds (this time is included in the total 8 minutes). The exit bonus is a non-negative number and is given by 60 - 5×(total lack of progress) points.


2020 RCJ Rescue TC/OC