Lack of Progress: different operations

Hello everyone,

I have a question about different operations after different Lack of Progresses. (No, we don’t want to give our robot any information about the field)

Our robot has a switch to turn the eletricity of our robot on and off. When we start the robot, it calibrates itself (and we dont touch it afterwards) and the follows the line. When a Lack of Progress occurs, whe press a button, that stops everything that the robot is currently doing. Then we put our robot back to the checkpoint and press the button again and our robot starts following the line again(, without recalibrating).

Is it allowed to use the switch after one Lack of Progress (e.g. because the calibration was wrong) and use the button to pause the robot after another one? We don’t really give the robot any information about the field, we just kind of give it the information that the last calibration was wrong and it has to redo it.


Hi Felix,

this is not allowed according to Restarting the Robot. You should use the calibration time to properly calibrate your robot or do automatic calibrations during the run. It is just important to stick to one reset procedure.