Kicker-choice of solenoid relay

I was planning on using a sugar cube relay to turn on and off a 15v 9 amp solenoid. I am competing in the open league and using 4s lipo batteries. The relay I was thinking about using was the OMRON G5LE-1-E DC12; however, it says that the coil voltage is 12v. Will this work if I use it to switch on and off 15v or do I need to use a relay with a coil voltage of 15v? If I do, where could I find a relay with a coil voltage of 15v because I was unable to in my searching.

Hi Nicholas. Look in the “coil ratings” section of the relay’s datasheet and you’ll see the maximum voltage is given at certain assumed temperatures. It’s easy to miss and datasheets for relays are not easy to read.