Genral Question

Hello There ,

This mahmoud abu sara and i represent united arab emirates Robocup Rescue simulation jr, i have a few question and i am hoping to find answer for them

  1. when the Robocup jr. competition is going to start ?
  2. is the competition is going to be online or we have to attend at france bordeaux ?
  3. how we can submit our code or work so we can enter the competition ?


i hope some one answer you

Hi Mahamoud,

RoboCup 2021 will be fully online this year, so is RoboCupJunior. Please check this year’s website:

The schedule can be found here (Junior schedule can be found at the bottom of the page:

If your team has been qualified, you should have already received messages from the Junior Rescue committee.

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Hi @mahmoud_abusara,

Simulation(CoSpace) specific schedule can be found here.

Please refer this post regarding tdp&video submission.