Different robots between runs

Hi all,
I have a question regarding whether a team is allowed to change robots between runs. During our local competition, the proctor referred us to 2.3.1 “Each team must have only one robot in the field,” interpreting it as a team may only have one robot throughout all runs. However I do not believe that to be a proper interpretation, case in point what is the difference between a robot with a bunch of parts swapped out between runs and another robot built on a similar infrastructure? Furthermore, there is the issue of redundancy robots. Even if we are not allowed to swap robots between runs is it legal to have duplicate robots that are essentially the same in construction? I think it is unreasonable that a team may not have redundancy for a robot that is to be run over 10 times over the course of multiple days, especially considering the possibility of damage from public transit. Is it possible for some clarification on the issue?

This question was already answered here and I think it should be still true:

The quoted rule should prevent participants from using e.g. two robots at the same time to collect balls faster.


Thank you Felix, your answer is accurate. :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,
The interpretation of your rules will be correct.
We allow multiple robots to be brought in. But you have to answer the interview about each one.

In the Local competition, if the OC announces the Local rule before holding the Competition, please follow it.


The only issue would be if you have two robots that are the same mechatronically with different software configurations and you choose a robot based on the field configuration.

Eg. if one robot was tuned for speed if there were no obstacles and the human operator chooses it after viewing the field and seeing there were no obstacles in it.

This would be breaking the rules.

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Just to confirm, the following should be true:

  1. A team may bring multiple robots to competition, with either identical or different hardware constructions.
  2. A team may use different robots every round.
  3. All robots that are brought in must be shown to the judges during interview.
    Can I confirm that these points are true?


Hi Daniel,

yes, all these points are true under consideration of the points mentioned in this and the linked thread :slight_smile:

I have one point to add. I think what @Phil said is not only limited to the software, but also applies to the hardware. If, for example, you have one robot with wheels that is faster but not good with debris and one with chains that is slower but can handle debris well, you are not permitted to select them based on the arena as well. @RCJ-RescueTC, please correct me if I am wrong, but the robots should probably be substantially identical in every aspect to be permitted to participate both.

To summarize, you are allowed to have redundancy, but you are not allowed to have different robots for different strategies.

RoboCup Montreal OC

Yes the three points you make are true, BUT …

Jan is correct and the scenario he has described would be in breach of the rules. A team will risk disqualifications if you have two different robots designed for different capabilities and a robot is chosen to run through the field based on what a human has observed about the field configuration.

To be clear. It is prohibited for a team to select a robot based on the layout of the arena or any element, feature, configuration, etc of or in the arena.


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