Concern about rescue kit placement

Hello community!

After reviewing the 2019 rules, I have some questions regarding rules 1.6.2 and 3.5.1. These rules state:

1.6.2 Because we need to ensure that a rescue kit reaches the victim, it has to stay near the victim after the deployment. For example, it cannot roll away from or bounce off to move away from the victim.

3.5.1 A robot can carry out one or both of the following actions to successfully identify a victim:
a) stop for 5 seconds within 15 cm of the victim and blink a visual indicator on and off for the full 5 seconds.
b) Stop for 5 seconds and deploy a rescue kit (see 3.5.3) within 15cm of the victim.
N.B.: The visual indicator must be placed in a clearly visible area.

So, how we should handle when:

a) The robot stops within 15 cm of the victim, deploys a rescue kit within 15 cm, but later in the round moves the kit away. Should we remove the successful deployed kit points and the victim identification points?

b) The robot stops away from the victim (let’s say, 30 cm), drops a rescue kit which bounces and lays within 15cm of the victim and the robot stops for 5 seconds. Should we give victim identification points?

c) The robot drops a kit outside the 15cm limit but later in the round moves the kit inside the 15cm range. Should we reward the victim identification points?

Thanks for the support!

Diego Garza Rodríguez
Mexico’s TMR Rescue Maze OC

Hi @Dieguinilombrin,

It’s a similar question whith @JoshuaMueller.
For successful dropping a rescue kit,

3.5.3 To successfully deploy a rescue kit, a robot must deploy (deployment point) a rescue kit within 15 cm of the victim. The deployment point is deemed to be the location where the rescue kit makes initial contact with the floor, it is not the final resting place of the rescue kit.

a) if robot stopped for 5seconds, the team can get successful Victim Identification and successful
deploy a rescue.

b) The rescue kit didn’t dropped within 15cm, team can’t get both points.

c) It’s same as b)