Coloured tiles in the maze

Rules 2.2.2 - 2.2.5 mention coloured tiles inside the maze (blue, black and silver). I was just wondering how reflective they are. For example are they not reflective at all, like the green turns in Rescue Line or are they reflective like the red and green boxes used in Rescue Line Super Teams in Bangkok? Thank you.

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Hi @gsembe,

We will not promise about reflection.
Please imagine all possible cases. Materials for stickers and tiles are dependent on what the local organization committee provides.
Our league is Rescue. Since the field is assumed to be a disaster site, it is necessary to make adjustments on the feild.
As such, calibration is allowed prior to scoring runs.
Please check also
2020 Color Specifications.

The rule does not stipulate that Line intersections are completely non-reflective.
Please tell me where they promise such a provision. I couldn’t find such a post jn this forum please.

Thank you.

2022 committee.