Clarification regarding the "Landmark Localization Challenge"

Here are two questions from Chi Long Tai I received via email regarding the landmark localization challenge. Chi Long Tai also allowed me to post them (along with my answers) here on the forum:

  1. In the challenge—landmark localization, will the positions of the landmark not be the same for different teams?

Let me quote the rules here (page 26):

“While the order of points of interests mentioned above stays fixed, before each start of the challenge their position on the field will be randomly changed.”

When a new team starts the challenge, this will be considered a new “start of the challenge”, and thus the position of landmarks will be randomly changed.

2.Are the two challenges both for lightwight and open soccer or only for open soccer?

They are indeed for both categories.

Please feel free to ask more questions here on the forum.


– Marek