Clarification on the rules for regionals

I was looking through the rules for RoboCup Junior 2023 Rescue and I saw that the rules were drastically different from the rules we had when I did it in 2022. When I looked through the rules for 2022, they were closer but also different. I only competed at the provincial level last year, so it may be possible that they use an edited ruleset. Is the ruleset for RCJ Rescue available on the website the one that will be used at provincial events? Thanks.


Hi Jamal!

The rules shared in the official robocup website are for the International RoboCup competition that it’s going to be held in Bordeaux this year.

Provincial events use this set of rules as reference, and they may or may not modify some of the rules to better accommodate the local competition.

Please refer to the provincial event website with your inquiry to receive a clarification about the rules that are going to be in place.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee