Clarification on Rule 2.8.1 - Human contact during performance


would like to clarify if robot can be attached onto human performer throughout performance.

robot consists of a camera (and the cortex), and would like to attach this camera (and essentially the whole robot) onto human performer’s arms. attached onto the arms via cable ties, and camera is attached onto palm also via cable tie.

technically not touching human’s body, because it will be attached onto human’s jacket and glove.

purpose: human would only hover her arm over a paper for the camera to sense.


Hi Koo,

What we are expressing in the rule 2.8.1 is that teams must create an autonomous robot rather than a remote one. Teams are required to create a robot that operates programmatically in a defined environment, instead of a robot that human beings must keep operating. So it does not matter whether the robot is fixed on clothes or not.

2.8.1. Robots may be started manually by human contact, sensor interaction or with remote control at the beginning of the performance (refer to 1.4 for allowed wireless communication). This is the only physical contact humans may have with their robots during the performance. Any clarifications regarding this ruling should be directed to the judges before the competition to ensure the interaction is permitted.

From your explanation, I imagine something like a wearable gadget. If so, it might be judged not an autonomous robot.

Could you send us more information about your robot? Why do you necessary to attach the robot on your arm? It would be helpful if you could share us any photos or movies.

Best regards,

Hello Shoko!

This is Koo ii’s teammate, Mireille.

To clarify, our robot is one part of a system consisting of a Pixy camera and another EV3 bot. The Pixy camera will be attached to the performer’s palm so that she can hover it over a card, which will trigger the movements of the EV3 bot depending on what it senses via Bluetooth. Attaching the entire robot (cortex and camera) to the performer’s arm may ensure the greatest accuracy for this section of the performance.

As the card chosen is not selected by us (we will be inviting the judges to pick it), we do not feel that the robot is remote controlled. However, to be on the safe side, may we clarify that this is so?

Thank you very much for your time and effort!

Yours sincerely,
Mireille Tan

P.S. I apologise for being unable to share any photos, but there was a problem uploading the screenshot I had taken.