Button = Switch? Power On/Off Switch just for one part of robot (Raspberry Pi constantly on)

We, a German RoboCup Rescue Maze team have a question about the rules:
One referee at the German Opens has stated that the rules at international events will change so that our robot should just have ONE BUTTON to reset. But it’s clear from the rules that we can decide whether we can reset just the program or turn the whole power on / off which you can’t with just ONE BUTTON. And why a button, isn’t a toggleswitch good, too?
Additionally, we want to ask whether our hardware implementation is valid and conforms with those rules: We have one Arduino and one Raspberry (for letter recognition). One toggleswitch will reset the Map on the Arduino to last checkpoint via Software and the other one turns the power for the Arduino off (in case something went terribly wrong). The Raspberry Pi is separated from everything else and will never turn off during a run.

Hi Brendan,

the new rules were not yet released.

You are probably referring to https://junior.forum.robocup.org/t/manual-map-deletion-after-lop-considered-as-changing-the-program/ and Restarting the Robot . I am not sure what specific rule you are referring to, but the current rules never mention the term “button” together with “Lack of Progress”.
In the rules to be released you can basically do whatever you want, as long as it is always the same procedure. If you want to completely turn your robot on and off that is fine. But you can’t sometimes turn it on and off and then reset the Arduino with another switch if it stops working.

Keep in mind that local competitions may handle this differently. But as mentioned this will be more specific in the not yet released final rules for 2018.